All about Mowing.

Mowing seems pretty easy right? just push the mower in straight lines.

It’s actually more complicated than that. There are a few things a good mowing company will think about when mowing your lawn.

Mowing height

The Golden rule of mowing is to take off no more than 1/3 the grass blades height per mowing. So, if you keep your lawn set at an inch you should take off no more than 1/3 of an inch. Ideally 2-4 inches is what you should be mowing at, it reduces water loss via evaporation, blocks lights so weeds cant grow and buy not taking off two much of the grass blade, harms the grass less during mowing.

Blade sharpness

Dull blades tend to tear the grass rather than cut it, leaving it vulnerable to fungal diseases like Dollar spot. Rotary mower blades should be sharpened weekly. Reel mower blades encounter much less wear during use so they should be sharpened every six months. Reel mowers also cut much better than even the sharpest rotary mower.


Seems like a lot of work, right? If you live in the Barrington, Nottingham,Northwood or Strafford area get in contact with me to schedule a mowing today.