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Lawn care Pricing Basics

All Prices are based upon the size of your lawn. For example a Typical Small lot is 1/2 - 1/4 Acre. While a Medium size lawn is typically 1/2 - 1 Acre. Service includes Edgeing and basic cleanup with a leafblower. Locally owned and Operated in Northwood, New hampsire Since 2019. I have weekend Availability from Early March to November- Weekly or Biweekly.

Payment Options

Payment Options include: Cash, Check made payable to Fescuta L.L.C, Stripe and Bitpay.

The electric diffrence

I use only electric trimmers and blowers (gas mower though),so no more two stroke smell after I leave and much quieter. Better for the enviornment too, as a 2011 study showed a gas leaf blower emits almost 300 times the air pollution as a pickup truck.Better for your wallet as it allows me to deliver a cheaper service for you and your wallet.

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